25 Insights from 30 Days of Blogging



Hubspot Blog for 30 Challenge Results January 2014

2/7/2014 Update: Marketplicity Digital Marketing Blog was chosen as a Hubspot Blog for 30 Challenge winner! Congrats to @varonis, @cooltshirtquilt & @Marketplicity for winning the #blogfor30 challenge! http://t.co/EHm1BZMTCe — HubSpot (@HubSpot) February 7, 2014 Despite my best intentions, I never could get myself to blog on a regular basis. I am well aware that blogging […]

Why You Should Write Content That Already Exists



There are no original ideas. There are only original people. Quote.

We have all heard and read the mandate from hundreds of sources – create original content! Sounds like solid advice. No one will argue with it. The problem is, it’s easier said than done. Today, there are billions of websites, blogs and social media pages publishing trillions of pieces of content. No topic has been […]

20 Content Marketing Tips & Insights from the Experts




On the final day of SMX East, there was a room that tested out a conversation style session where a panel of industry professionals answered questions from the audience. I sat in on the Content: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly session where some of the brightest minds in the search marketing world shared […]

Fighting for Attention in a Multiscreen World



Google Multiscreen Report 2012

Google’s research arm published a fascinating study recently on the emergence of “multiscreening.” If you are not familiar with the term, you are definitely familiar with the act of multiscreening – using your two connected devices sequentially or at the same time. I’m guilty of multiscreening – quite often in fact. I use my iPhone […]

10 Common Website Mistakes to Avoid



Any Way You Want It - except for automatically playing music!

People often mistake a website’s role. Should it entertain or inform? I find that the smaller the business, the more emotionally connected the business owners are to their brand (and subsequently, their website). You may think elaborate flash graphics and a soundtrack on your website embodies your brand, but all it really does is distract […]